Congratulations to Steven & Tammy who after a long process can officially call themselves homeowners! I have been working with both of these borrowers for over a year and they wanted to find the perfect home in the right neighborhood and thanks to Tia Whitaker from Domain Real Estate Group LLC they were able to find the winner. Tia showed numerous properties to her borrowers as she represented them as the buyer agent and never gave up as she was determined to find the perfect fit for her buyers. I am very happy that Steven & Tammy were able to receive $5,160 in down payment & closing cost assistance and are now able to enjoy the feeling of owning a home!


Sale Price of Home Purchased: $129,000
Neighborhood: Philadelphia
Grant Type: PHFA Program
Grant Amount: $5,160


Out of Pocket Expense to Purchase Home: $528.45
Steven and Tamy Holding Large Check For Home Grant